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Our training programs

You will find hereafter our training catalog. These programs are available for individuals as well as for companies (intra-company or inter-company).

If your company wishes to set up specific training programs aimed at acquiring behavioral skills, do not hesitate to contact us. We will tailor your program matching your specific needs.

The pedagogy of our training programs are based on Codevelopment, Neurosciences and Narrative Practices aimed at a better appropriation of knowledge as well as its capitalization in a daily basis professional context.

Intercultural Manager Coach Workshop

Intended for: Corporate Directors ; HR Directors and managers, Sales, Marketing, R&D managers / executives and collaborators working in multicultural environment. 


Duration: 2 days of training


Main topics: Interactive workshop on intercultural management and the development of emotional intelligence in an intercultural environment in order to motivate teams and improve interpersonal relationships.

Codevelopment groups

Codevelopment is a collective training approach aimed to improve one's professional practice.

Intended for: managers and business leaders, self-employed people wanting to improve their professional practices.


Duration: 10 sessions of 2 hours 30 minutes each spaced three weeks apart


Topics covered: An action learning approach focused on the actual professional challenges of the participants. Each session will bring focus to a subject brought by one of the participants. A display of collective intelligence using the Codevelopment methodology.

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Women Empowerment Workshops

"Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women." Maya angelou

The corporate world remains, mainly, a male world. Finding a place as a woman requires self-confidence, asserting your own style and taking a stand on biased systems.


Intended for : all women working in business environments where is challenging to find a place as a woman and wanting to strengthen their self-confidence.


Duration: 4 workshops of 3 hours each


Career Transition Workshops

Undertaking a transition or a professional reconversion is a new beginning that often rises many questions and self-doubt. This workshop based on Narrative Practices allows you to project yourself into your professional goals and reconnect with your resources to approach a career transition in a confident manner and in alignment with your aspirations.


Intended for: any person, employee or self-employed, going through or planning a professional transition.


Duration: 3 hour digital workshop


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Self-Confidence Workshops

Intended for: Individuals wishing to improve their communication skills and assertiveness, as well as increasing their self-esteem and confidence, in the personal and professional field.


Duration: 12 hours of training divided into 4 modules of 3 hours


Topics covered: How to improve your communication ; How to improve your self-esteem and confidence ; How to have more satisfying interpersonal relationships ; How to manage your stress and better achieve your goals.

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