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What is Narrative Coaching ?

The narrative approach was born in the 1970s in Australia and New Zealand from the collaboration between Michael White and David Epston. Initially stemming from family and community therapy, the narrative approach developed in individual and corporate coaching, in France, from the 2000s.

The postulate of this approach is that our identity is evolving, in constant transformation and influenced by the narratives we convey and integrate about ourselves. These narratives, reinforced by the mirror of the collectives around us, can be empowering or devaluing. 

The reality is that we are multi-story. This is sometimes forgotten as we integrate, with greater emphasis, certain limiting stories to the detriment of others that are resourcing and empowering. 

coaching narratif itha coach

Narrative coaching approaches problems by investigating and revealing the resources you have within you to reduce their influence, to become the author of your life again.

My coaching reveals the talents and resources of individuals and working communities. It allows the person to increase self-confidence, to manage conflict situations, to increase his/her influence in the company, to go through a professional reconversion and to assert his/her personal leadership... For working communities: to work in complementarity and trust around unifying values, to pilot sustainable transformations respectful of the community and what is precious to them.


Dare to take the first step! I suggest a previous meeting, informal and free of charge, to explore your coaching project. This will be an opportunity to get acquainted and to explore our desire to work together in achieving your objectives and those of your team. 

Our Narrative Coaching services

Parcours Révélateur de Potentiel
Potential Revealing Narrative Journey

Affirm your legitimacy and dare to make your career shine!   


A narrative coaching programme dedicated to women who want to put aside the fear of not being up to their professional challenges and finally take the place they deserve!


You want to develop the following skills:


To evolve with confidence, to identify your talents, to overcome feelings of imposture, to be heard thanks to a calm and assertive communication, to develop your influence.


You are at the right place! So, click here to find out more!

Image 123rf - Coaching d'équipe 2022-06.jpg
Narrative Team Coaching

Federate your team around stories that bring them together!   


Any working community is a group brought together by common stories and values.


The cohesion of teams is undermined when differentiated stories take precedence over the stories that bring them together. 


Dare to use narrative team coaching for your team. It will enable the team to refocus on a common identity and to pursue sustainable transformations. 

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Other narrative coaching services



  • Coaching for C suite

  • Coaching for managers

  • Intercultural coaching

  • Empowerment coaching for women

  • Collective Coaching Team Cohesion



  • Coaching for taking up a new position

  • Coaching for job search

  • Self-confidence coaching

  • Leadership development coaching

  • Coaching for students: professional project, preparation for recruitment



  • Coaching of the expatriate manager: taking up a position and intercultural management

  • Coaching the expatriate spouse: building a professional project

  • Coaching for international students

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