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Potential Revealing Journey

Affirm your legitimacy and dare to make your career shine!   

A journey for women who want to feel empowered against the fear of not being good enough and finally take the place they deserve!


Parcours Révélateur de Potentiel

Why is this journey exactly what you need ?


As a woman, it is difficult to find your place in the corporate and entrepreneurial. 


You are torn between the daily grind:

Work responsibilities as well as the mental burden of home and family.


You may not feel like you're up to the task on all fronts. 

You hear that little voice:

- Am I a good mother? 

- Is my expertise up to date?

- Am I legitimate enough for my job?

- Can I pretend to apply for this or that dream job?

- Will I have time to manage everything?


These are called "feelings of imposture."

Image 123 rf - Sentiments d'imposture - Doutes.jpg

The outcome?


You end up:


- Not daring to be yourself

- Not affirming your ideas

- Downgrading your professional objectives


Worse! You see people who are less competent than you pass you by.


Even worse! Too focused on the demands of your environment, you lose sight of what is important to you! So you end up doubting, thinking it's because you're not good enough, maybe you don't fit in. You don't always feel confident, you think you are "not enough."


To compensate for this, you attend trainings, corporate seminars, leadership readings, discussions with mentors or even girlfriends. You may even have already been coached.


But it's never enough. You are still exhausted, frustrated and don't know how to grow and develop in your job. 

Guess what ? You are far from being the only one to have these thoughts and feelings!
This is in NO way related to your skills!
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Many of these insecurities stem from the dominant narrative:

You have to be like this or like that to measure up, to put yourself forward, to be ambitious and competitive, to assert a certain leadership style. 


And you don't really see yourself in some of these requirements.

You can't say it, but you feel it very strongly. 


Maybe it's time to silence all this noise with its narratives and injunctions that contribute to undermine your self-confidence. You don't need to be alone!


Here is the ANTIDOTE

Potential Revealing Journey
A tailor made journey focused in your real daily challenges

Finally, you will be able to dare to be yourself and assert your ideas and professional goals. 


You will be able to better manage your priorities and be more proactive in creating a professional life that suits you and for which your career will be valued as you deserve it !


You will be aligned with yourself, you will see your motivation increase tenfold. 


You will be able to develop the leadership style that suits you and increase your professional influence and credibility. 


You will grow with confidence by setting limits to the demands of your environment.

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Who am I to tell you this ?

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The journey that we will take together results from an 18-year career in corporate business, including 12 years as an international manager and 9 years in coaching and training. 


In 2013, I left my job and decided to follow my calling for coaching and to build a career that would match my aspirations. 


So, I created IthaCoach focused on coaching and training. My practice is mainly focused on Narrative Practices and Co-development. 


My career choice has enabled me to coach a wide variety of profiles in companies, associations and private practice. 


Since then, I have helped more than 100 women to affirm their self-confidence, to launch their professional reconversion, to create a company or to boost their career within the corporate world. 

Imagine what your life could be like ...

Reshaping your career!

Reclaiming your personal power back!


No more meetings with a sinking feeling! Reconnected to your strengths and resources, you can manage the pressures of your environment. 


Your day-to-day life is calmer and you evolve with confidence in your professional and personal life. 

Image 123 rf - Femme - Dessiner sa carrière.jpg

You are serene and motivated, your energy increased tenfold as you have a career balance built consciously according to your own desires and not the ambient hubbub that brings confusion, nor societal or corporate injunctions.  

With your confidence boosted, you are able to define your career choices. Your credibility and personal leadership strengthened, you chart a course that is in perfect alignment with who you are. 

The potential-revealing dynamic

The methods on this journey connect you directly with your strengths and resources. You integrate the stories that make you stronger and boost your confidence. 


The first part of the journey focuses on identifying and enhance your strengths and resources using methods developed through years of coaching experience. A second part that supports you in the implementation of the defined strategies. 


The potential-revealing dynamic is the virtuous circle that connects you to your own potential and allows you to be more aligned with yourself every day and to reclaim the driving seat of your life. 

“Everything you want to be, you already are ...
                         You are simply on the path of discovering it.”
Alicia Keys

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