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Our main business card: the satisfaction of our customers and the trust of our partners.


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Lauren Hasty - Neurosciences Consultant - Social Builder Program
December 2020 - LinkedIn Testimonial

"Fabiola was my development coach in the Social Builder reconversion program. She helped me reach inside of myself and recognise my true passions. She gave me the courage to find a more fulfilling role and a job I truly enjoy, and helped me find the confidence I needed. I’m truly thankful to have had the opportunity to be coached by Fabiola !"


Nathalie Maurin - Sales Force Consultant - Social Builder Program
June 2019 - LinkedIn Testimonial

"I have had the privilege of participating in one of your Codevelopment groups, Fabiola. It was a very enriching experience on a collaborative level and on the Codev methodology. You explained how it works and helped the group to take ownership of the methodology as the sessions went on. Thank you Fabiola for your teaching skills, your patience, your humour, your vision, your charisma and professionalism... all these key points in you that I strongly appreciated!"


Alexandre Léger - Project Manager - Social Builder
October 2018 - LinkedIn Testimonial

"Fabiola is a highly professional coach for whom problems are just challenges waiting to be solved. Volunteer coach in the Women In Tech programmes of our startup Social Builder since 2017, she accompanies our female candidates in their reconversion to digital professions via personal development and collective intelligence methodologies. Her agile mind and her "human-centred" vision of coaching have made Fabiola an excellent collaborator. Very committed to her missions, she is always on the lookout for innovation to enrich her practice and create all the conditions to develop the potential of our learners. Her results: 85% of the participants she has supported have found a job at the end of the programs".


Delphine Lopenague - Talents Program Director - IESEG School of Management
October 2018 - LinkedIn Testimonial

"Fabiola has been coaching French-speaking and international students at Master and MBA level at IESEG for 4 years now. Her expertise in the corporate world has enabled her to effectively support students in designing their professional projects. Her intercultural skills and adaptability make her a key member of our team of coaches dedicated to foreign students. She knows how to enrich the pedagogical content with innovative and relevant ideas. Highly committed and engaged in her services, she brings a qualitative complement to all her interventions. In three words: reliability, professionalism and quality".


Henry González - Research Director responsAbility
December 2017 - LinkedIn Testimonial

"Fabiola has been an excellent coach and mentor in the areas of change management and executive leadership. She has been innovative, engaging and resourceful in helping our team to be at its best and to understand the different phases of change and how to better mobilise the team. I can attest to the effectiveness and added value of all her interventions, both at the team level and for me as a senior manager. We have been fortunate to have her as a coach for the past two years and we highly recommend her."


Fandi Nabil - Coach ISCAE Casablanca
September 2016 - LinkedIn Testimonial

"Unconditional respect and positive vision, a lot of humour and professionalism... That's why Fabiola Ortiz was a unanimous favourite among our group of coaches when we discovered her approach. Thank you very much."

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