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Fabiola Ortiz 

Coach Consultant and Facilitator
Narrative Practitioner

Accredited EMCC Senior Practitioner

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Why coaching? Because life's adversities have taught me to see the beauty in scars, bearers of resilience and unique skills. Because I rebel against dominant discourses that cut off our wings and limit our potential. Because I am nourished by meaning when I coach people and groups on the path to empowerment and the revelation of their own potential. 


As a Coach Consultant Facilitator, I have set myself the mission of unlocking the enormous potential, both individual and collective, that lies dormant in today's corporations, ill-prepared for the complexity of their environment.

Fabiola Ortiz Coach Consultante Facilitatrice Praticienne Narrative Accréditée Praticienne

How to achieve this? It supposes embodying stories that federate our working communities, putting people back at the center by creating an environment of transparency and trust, by diversity and complementarity of teams, by gender parity, by new management styles. This is the true path to performance and well-being. 

After a professional career of 18 years abroad, 12 of which as a manager and top executive of a subsidiary of an international group, I found IthaCoach in 2013. My coaching practice is strongly influenced by Narrative Practices and Co-development.


With a network of partner coaches, I dedicate myself to coaching in corporations, individually and collectively, on the following issues :


-      Development of team cohesion

-      Leadership development 

-      Women empowerment 


My coaching with individuals clients :


-      Self-confidence development

-      Career development and professional reconversion

-      Speaking out on incest and sexual abuse 


In March 2022, I launch the podcast Je Résiste donc Existe, intended for practitioners and the general public. Its objective: to question the dominant discourses, omnipresent in our society and our organizations, that limit our dreams and the expression of our potential; to identify and honor the unique resistances and skills developed in the face of adversity; to cultivate resilience and the stories that connect us to our resources and make us stronger. 


In April 2022, Satas Editions publishes my translation of the book Retelling the Stories of Our Lives by David Denborough, one of the leading exponents of Narrative Practices today. Intended to disseminate narrative ideas to the general public as well as to practitioners, this book is one of the most comprehensive on this approach. Therefore, make it available to French-speaking communities was a mission dear to my heart. 


This is who I am and what drives my practice as a narrative coach.

I look forward to hearing your story and what is valuable to you. Please contact me!

Narrative Ethics


Our life in community, the difficulties we go through, sometimes lead us to think that the problem is within us. Sometimes it is the surrounding dominant discourses that make us believe it. This vision is self-destructive and useless. If the problem is within us, there is no possible solution.


The narrative approach brings a different perspective: the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem. The problem story becomes omnipresent, disconnecting people from their resources. The externalization of problems, our right to have problems considered outside ourselves, then allows us to renegotiate our relationship with a problem that takes up too much space in our lives.


Narrative coaching open up space for our preferred stories that reconnect us to our values, our resources, our resilience and everything else that is precious to us in order to become the author of our lives again. The problem story ceases to be predominant. For we are multi-story. Whatever the goal, the individuals or groups we coach, have the internal resources to reach it.


My coaching practice does not pretend to "reformat" people or communities to make them fit into a mold, whatever it may be. My coaching practice aims to reconnect the people and communities I coach to their resources, to what is valuable to them in order to leverage an involvement respectful of diversity and a sustainable evolution. 


Effective performance management is above all about focusing on people and their wonderful diversity. It means working with people whose sense of security, ability to cooperate and fulfillment in their achievements are the best assets for sustainable productivity and increased involvement.


As a Narrative Practitioner as well as an EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach, I also subscribe to the EMCC Code of Ethics which you can find below. 

Praticienne Narrative ainsi que Coach Accréditée Praticienne Senior par l'EMCC, je souscri

Nos approches

Logo La Fabrique Narrative.png

Narrative Practitioner

"Our story is not a precise report of the events of our life. On the contrary, it is the integrated narratives derived from our experience that give shape to our life and identity. Narrative practitioners work to break the hold of the stories that limit and bind us, so as to encourage the development of alternative narratives, with new possibilities, that have been neglected". 

Source: La Fabrique Narrative - What is the narrative approach?

Capture d'écran Badge - Gallup Coach.png

Certified Coach - Gallup Clifton Strengths 

Our culture, our education system and our corporate environment all encourage us to work on our weaknesses. We become ourselves the guardians of a dominant discourse fostering the quest for perfection. Let's focus on our strengths instead ! They give us powerful levers to accelerate our development. 

The Gallup approach, backed up by 70 years of research, enables you to identify your talents and make them the main driver of your individual and collective performance.

Accredited Facilitator - Profesional Co-development

Facilitation of co-development groups. Action Learning approach that relies on collective intelligence, group skills and autonomy (the person at the center of the process is the only expert of their situation). 

Facilitation since 2017. Accredited in 2020 by CECODEV. In June 2022, I had the privilege to continue the improvement of my practice with Claude Champagne, co-creator of the approach, at IFOD.

Logo Coaching Constellations.jpg

Systemic Constellations Coaching 

Systemic coaching serves the whole system: the perspective is broadened beyond the individual. It looks at the interactions and relational systems of belonging. It helps leaders and teams understand and align with the natural forces that govern all systems, so that change is sustainable and brings balance to relational systems.


Certified Consultant Belbin Team Roles

What makes some teams more successful than others? Their ability to develop complementary behaviours, to value the diversity of talents and the expression of minority voices. For unique individual profiles, Meredith Belbin describes nine team behaviours based on our preferences. Honouring the contributions of all members of the work community leads to greater trust and higher performance. 

Logo Neuroview 2020-12.png

Certified Consultant NeuroView Leadership Assessment

Based on neuroscience, NeuroView focuses on trust-based leadership in working communities. It explores one's own leadership practices and their capacity to develop a culture of psychological safety and trust within the team, allowing for well-being, autonomy and performance as well as the expression of all talents present in the team.

Logo Management Drives.png

Certified Consultant Management Drives


This approach describes six colours that represent deep motivations and the way we use our knowledge, skills and competencies in our social interactions. Combining these motivations, identifying a unique profile for each individual, assist us in exploring aspects of our personality and leadership style. A useful approach to explore one's talents, increase one's influence and interpersonal effectiveness.

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