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Codevelopment groups

What is Codevelopment ?


Codevelopment is a collective training approach to improve one's professional practice.

Claude Champagne and Adrien Payette, designers of the method define it as "a development approach for people who believe they can learn from each other in order to improve their practice. The reflection carried out, individually and in groups, is favored by an exercise of structured consultation that addresses issues currently experienced by participants. "



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This innovative approach is not based on top-down trainer-participant content. It builds learning on the practice and experience of the group as well as on collective intelligence.



Training modalities


  • An approach based in continuity in a short and distant format: A group of 8 peers meeting remotely over 10 sessions of 2 hours and 15 minutes each and spaced three weeks apart. The group facilitation is led by a certified Codevelopment facilitator who will garantor of the methodology and group posture.


  • An approach focused on the fundamental issues of the participants: At each session, one of the members will have prepared a subject relating to a project, a problem or a real concern and for which the group will help him/her to take a step back and find new leads to explore and take action. The goal is not problem solving, instead sharing perspectives allowing reflection and decision making.


  • Access to a confidential and benevolent space which, through a learning community, allows you to step back and learn by working on the real subjects of your professional practice.


  • A methodology centered on sharing and solidarity which develops a professional posture of listening, kindness and continuous learning.


Who is this offer aimed at ?

This approach is intra or inter-company. It aims to enrich the field of possibilities in the reflection of the subjects brought to the session. This offer is aimed at :

- Company managers who will be able to exchange views with their peers, share different perspectives and take a step back from the daily life of their organization.

- Self-employed workers who wish to improve their professional practices with a group of peers from different backgrounds.


- Company managers: the groups will be formed between inter-company peers among the registered people. This approach will allow them to find solutions by capitalizing on a learning community.


What are the advantages of this approach?


  • Training outcomes strictly related to the real issues in the field of practice of the participants

  • A training methodology adapted to unstable and changing environments capitalizing on a continuous learning process

  • A moderate financial investment per participant and providing an immediate return on investment

  • A strong anchoring of learnings that are continuous and lasting over time

  • An immediate application on the field of skills acquired

  • A short and remote format compatible with the daily operational requirements of the company.



Practical information

- 20 hours of training in Co-development session

- Continuous training process

- Remote animation on Zoom or Teams

Extract from the article on Codevelopment - Cadre & Dirigeant Magazine
A winning method for all

"The client progresses, takes a step back from his situation, digs deeper into his problematic, multiplies his perspectives, finds new solutions, sifts through everything he has received in order to put in place a concrete action plan, motivating and realistic. Consultants learn to listen, question, help, wait before rushing for advice, accept different practices and opinions from theirs and focus on the client. The group is enriched, each one learns to give and receive, to interact in good understanding. "


June 1st, 2020


Some testimonials 

"I participated in a co-development group facilitated by Fabiola. It was a great experience that helped us enormously and enabled us to see more clearly the specific issues that were limiting our projects. Fabiola was very attentive, caring and facilitated the workshops with great professionalism. She also explained the technique and the functioning of co-development in a very educational way. I recommend her with no reserves."

Anaïs Heinrich

Entrepreneur - Graphic designer and Photograph, LinkedIn February 2022

"Over the last few months, I had the fabulous opportunity to participate in an international Codevelopment group with other executives and entrepreneurs around the world. Our evening videocalls provided a great learning and growing experience for all of us. I am very grateful to the participants and to our wonderful coach Fabiola Ortiz!"

Mireille Voysest, Director, 

Global Asset Management Centre of Excellence ESG and Impact Investing at KPMG, LinkedIn Septembre 2021


"I warmly recommend Fabiola Ortiz as a coach and particularly in the field of Professional Codevelopment. I participated in a group she facilitated. Not only did I discover this collective coaching practice, but it allowed me to improve the management practices in my company Gemploi. She facilitates with great kindness and professionalism.

Joséphine Copette, Director of the Gemploi Employers Group, LinkedIn March 2021

"I recommend Fabiola Ortiz as she coached a member of my team with convincing results on his posture. I was also impressed when I took part in a Codevelopment group that she facilitated. The approach is to gather a group of people to discuss professional subjects in a set process. The brilliance and the shared experience are rich in results. Fabiola is particularly good at framing these exchanges and guiding them towards the solution."

Cyril Gréhan, Managing Director ExoSigns, LinkedIn February 2021


"Respect for the framework, the method, the subjects brought and the participants of the Codev group I attended. Fabiola showed an unconditional kindness that allowed everyone to move forward on their subjects. The method is very effective. Bravo and thank you!"

Virginie Martins, Executive Coach, LinkedIn February 2021


"I took part in a Codev group facilitated by Fabiola! A real success! She holds the framework and the method with rigour, foresight and kindness! No hesitation... if the opportunity arises, I'll get back in the boat! Thank you!"

Guillaume Urny, Network Operations Manager GRT Gas, LinkedIn February 2021


"Thank you, Fabiola! for this Codevelopment session which brought me so much. You facilitated these sessions by guiding and leading us, all of us, to the top. I am glad I could participate in this group. Thank you.""

Elizabeth Pozzi, Energy Training GRDF Trainer - Founder LC Faire, LinkedIn February 2021

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