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Women Empowerment Workshops 

The corporate world remains a complex environment for women. Certainly, a lot of efforts has been made in recent years. However, gender equality remains a utopia. Too many constraints and dominant discourses prevent us from taking an equal place in the company.

These workshops gives you the floor : they allow you to share your experiences with other women, identify your talents and resources, connect to your truer life choices by aligning career and private life.

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Workshop 1: Self-affirmation


In this workshop, we will work on assertiveness techniques. You can identify what your preferred communication style is and start practicing assertiveness.

We will work with the tools of Transactional Analysis and Non-Violent Communication. A group dynamic based on Narrative Practices will allow us to co-construct effective strategies in our communication.

Workshop 2: Deconstruction of limiting messages and network approach

Our societies have been built on a patriarchal model. The corporate world is no exception. This is not a criticism but rather the observation of a fact we have to be aware of and take into consideration. This model conditions us with messages that are limiting for what we want to bring to life in our career. Placing them in a cultural context allows us to take some distance and decide the degree of influence we want them to have in our life.

We will also discuss the network approach aimed to revitalise our career.

This workshop will allow us to put in commun and into perspective those messages in order to base our career project on other more helping messages allowing us to become authors of our professional lives again.

Workshop 3: Life Path Workshop

This workshop based on Narrative Practices invites you to take a retrospective of your career and the skills that you have developed over the years. It will allow you to better reconnect with your resources and will highlight your strengths to better position yourself in your projects.

Then you can work on the next steps, projecting yourself into the future, identifying and naming your projects and dreams. This will allow you to establish an action strategy to accomplish them.

Workshop 4: Assertiveness in negotiation

Parity also and above all requires fair remuneration in line with our skills. Women are far from having pay equity. In 2022, Equal Pay Day was established on March 21st: while a man earned pay from January 1st to December 31st, a woman in France had to work until March 21st of the following year to reach the same compensation.

It is time of becoming actors of this pay equity. This workshop will give you the tools to negotiate your compensation in line with the labor market and with the salaries negotiated by your male peers.

Your trainer: Fabiola Ortiz

I have a business background in international management positions. During my career, I have been a mentor for women mainly in the context of taking up internal promotion positions. It has always been at the heart of my concerns, that women can build their careers in alignment with their values ​​and life choices.

As a coach, I support women in developing self-confidence and asserting their personal leadership style, whether they are managers or not.

I also design and facilitate Feminine Leadership seminars for companies such as Engie and DSI Pôle Emploi. Since 2017, I have been working in partnership with Social Builder in programs allowing the integration of women to digital professions.

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Conditions of registration:

4 face-to-face or remote workshops of 3 hours each

Maximum groups: 8 participants

Price per participant: 350 EUR for the four workshops


“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”
Maya Angelou
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