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Self-Confidence Workshops

Transactional Analysis Workshop



This workshop will help you increase your confidence and self-esteem, manage your stress and improve your interpersonal relationships, whether personal or professional. An interactive and dynamic training that will allow you to better acquire the concepts learned and their application in your daily life.




Aimed at: individuals wishing to improve their communication and assertiveness, as well as their self-esteem, in the personal and professional field


Duration: 12 hours of training divided into 4 modules of 3 hours



Module 1: How to improve your communication

Module 2: How to improve your self-esteem

Module 3: How to have more satisfying interpersonal relationships

Module 4: How to manage your stress and better achieve your goals




One module per week, every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.




The training will be conducted in groups with an interactive format and practical exercises for a better integration and application of the concepts transmitted.

Groups will be 8 people maximum.

Training site


Our offices



Price per person: 80 EUR per module

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