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Our commitment

Effective performance management means above all focusing on people. It means working with people whose sense of safety, ability to cooperate and fulfilment in commun achievements are the best assets for sustainable productivity and increased engagement.


Based on this conviction, my commitment is towards global coaching that integrates the objective of performance as well as the balance of means to achieve it. More motivated, more engaged teams. A strong relationship between their members. An individual and collective desire for efficiency and fulfilment at work. More assertive managers, creators of value and strengths catalysers. Increased leadership for better team mobilisation.

Whatever the objective, the coachee has the internal resources to achieve it. IthaCoach offers a tailor-made coaching process, with authenticity and kindness, to allow this potential to emerge. Clarifying your vision and your objective, mobilising your intuition and strengths, connecting you to the ressources to act, giving meaning to your actions : these are the four aspects that IthaCoach's philosophy makes interact and progress together.

Our values 


  • Respect and confidentiality

  • Authenticity

  • Engagement

  • Kindness

  • Transmission and sharing

  • Determination and success

  • Openess

Performance Coaching
Nos outils
Logo La Fabrique Narrative.png

Narrative Practitioner

"Our story is not a precise report of the events of our life. On the contrary, it is the integrated narratives derived from our experience that give shape to our life and identity. Narrative practitioners work to break the hold of the stories that limit and bind us, so as to encourage the development of alternative narratives, with new possibilities, that have been neglected". 

Source: La Fabrique Narrative - What is the narrative approach?

Fabiola Ortiz - Facilitatrice Codéveloppement

Level 1 Accredited Facilitator - Professional Co-Development

Facilitation of professional and managerial co-development groups. Co-development is an Action Learning approach. A peer group that meets regularly. At each session, a participant, the Client, will present a project, a problem or professional concern of his daily life. Through to the methodology of Codevelopment, the group will help him/her to explore his/her options and define an action plan.


Certified Consultant - Belbin Team Roles

What makes some teams perform better than others ? Their ability to exploit the complementarity of behaviors. Meredith Belbin describes nine team roles based on our preferences. Learning to coordinate your nine roles in the team leads to increased trust as well as greater performance.

Logo Neuroview 2020-12.png

Certified NeuroView Leadership Assessment Consultant

Based on Neuroscience, NeuroView is a leadership assessment tool to support leaders in developing practices conducive to building a culture that creates psychological safety and trust within their team. This approach makes it possible to reveal one's leadership style and improve the efficiency and performance of the teams.

Logo Management Drives.png

Certified Management Drives Consultant


This approach highlights six colors that represent six energies : our deep motivations and the way in which we put our knowledge, skills and competences to work. The combination of these motivations helps us better understand our personality, our ways of functioning and our leadership style. A fundamental tool to boost one's influence and interpersonal efficiency.

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