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Launch of our podcast Je Résiste donc Existe

All societies, all human groups are built around stories. These stories are conveyed with mechanisms aimed to ensure their continuity and dominance.

Most of the time, these social narratives are valuable, they are the glue of our communities and our collective identity. They foster solidarity, belonging and collaboration within groups. However, these discourses can become dominant and exclusionary.

What are dominant discourses? Story problems. They are narratives conveyed and reinforced by our social system. They are presented as absolute truths and push us to conformity, sometimes in denial of who we are, of what is precious to us.

Therefore, these narratives create in ourselves the painful thought that we do not measure up, that we are not enough. They give rise to a sense of personal failure. Sounds familiar ? I guess so, as dominant discourses are everywhere.

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that I announce the recent launch of my podcast Je Résiste donc Existe. For the time being, the language of this podcast is French.

This podcast aspires to undertake a journey of deconstruction that challenges the dominant stories that hold us back and lead us to the exclusion of difference. It aims to highlight and honor the ways in which we resist. No matter how small or grand are these expressions of resistance, in the face of adversity and limiting narratives.

In our first episode, we highlight this notion of modern power that controls and limits us through the integration of these dominant discourses.

Our ability to expose and deconstruct these dominant narratives is what allows us to make room for our favorite stories and become authors of our lives again. May this sharing and testimonies inspire you, reconnect you to your resources and assist you in pursuing your wildest dreams.

See you soon for the next episode!

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